We at Assam police have the greatest concern for your safety and security. Given below are some suggestions that we feel will go a long way in addressing those concerns.

At Home

1. As far as possible, have only one access door to the house and keep the rest, if any, securely bolted from inside. For securing the door use high caliber locks and/or wooden or metal strips across the door.

2. Have wide angled peepholes and door chains installed on the access door.
3. You are most vulnerable when answering the door at home. Do not answer the door automatically but try to check the identity of the visitor by observing through an adjacent window or through the peephole.

4. While answering the front door do not switch on the hall light. You should also not be in the light while peeping through the peephole or while observing through the window.

5. Discourage children from answering the door, especially after darkness.

6. Ensure that all doors are made secure with locks and bolts. Also keep any possible access window locked.

7. After dark keep curtains and blinds closed.

8. If caller arouses suspicion do not open the door. Ask as many questions as you may to ascertain his bona fide. If suspicion prevails ask another member of the household to ring up the neighbours and/or emergency phone nos. while you keep the visitor engaged. If the phone is found dead/disconnected use a mobile phone if you have one and if the service is available in your area.

9. Have your neighbours' and emergency phone nos. like the nearest police station, police control room, Superintendent of police, fire brigade, hospitals (check the phone directory on this site) handy near the phone.

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